June 25, 2018

New LibGuides Available on EXPLORE

Crime and Performing Arts LibGuides released

Chicago Collections Consortium is pleased to announce the release of LibGuides on two important Chicago topics: crime and the performing arts. The LibGuides serve as a complement to the Explore Chicago Collections portal. They organize resources into one web page, provide search techniques to find additional collections, and suggest other reference resources. LibGuides gather and contextualize resources, such as a map of Chicago’s gangland or a photo of children with a Ringling Brothers Circus elephant, making it easier for researchers to find and evaluate information available across more than 50 collections and 10 institutions.

LibGuides task force members Megan Keller Young, Ikumi Crocoli, Val Harris, Terri Artemchick, Kate Flynn, and Sara Gonzales developed these guides in consultation with Chicago Public School staff members Dorsey Chambers-Malewig and Shawn Reddy. The crime and performing arts LibGuides are the first in a projected series of topics that will include more member institutions and collections.